Fully customized Email-Marketing campaigns

Turn traffic into business leads with eon-digital.com - the most powerful email advertising platform available.

Lead generation

What good is traffic if it doesn’t convert? Generate more than just clicks. Build your unique qualified audience with eon-digital.com.


eon-digital.com AI actively analyzes your traffic, providing each user with a customized approach which is more likely to convert.

Powerful acquisition

With eon-digital.com you choose the periodization, CPC, campaign attributes and other customizable options while outsourcing mail distribution mail to us.

Access an audience of millions with just one click

Your campaigns will unlock our network of over 220 million addresses. eon-digital.com systems analyze the best audience segments and ensure that your message reaches qualified users who are more likely to convert based on fully customizable criteria defined by you.

Millions of new customers are waiting for you

You will gain access to our unparalleled network of qualified domestic and international addresses and instantly expose your brand to up to 220 million contacts worldwide. Our precision targeting tools maximize your campaign efficacy. Turn followers into lifelong fans through incomparable creatives and enhanced campaign targeting, ensuring your message reaches users who are ready to listen.

About eon-digital.com

eon-digital.com is a creative agency built on a long history of expertise in email-marketing. Over the past 10 years, we have proven ourselves as specialists in the field of lead-generation during a period of massive growth. Combining the expertise of industry-leading mailers and a high level of personalized service offered by an international team of operational experts, we have helped brands both big and small achieve ambitious marketing goals.

What we do

  1. eon-digital.com campaigns are fully personalized from inception to execution. We will propose a strategy that appeals to the right audience segment for your niche. Shedule an appointment or request more information.
  2. Next we will devise a fully customized and engaging approach for your intended audience. Our creative team immerses itself in current events, online trends and predictions to provide a compelling and novel creative.
  3. Then comes the technical part. Our media buying experts will continuously monitor and optimize your campaign, in order to ensure optimal levels of attention matching the correct audience segment for your products.

We will connect you with potential customers and devise creative processes to turn leads into real customers. How do we accomplish this?

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